Dentistry and Oral Surgery with Digital Radiography

Good oral hygiene is important for dogs or cats. “Dog breath” is not just a nuisance but instead could indicate that there is significant dental or oral disease. The odor is caused by bacteria, which over time will turn into tartar, tooth decay, gum inflammation and even bone loss. The bacteria could spread throughout the body and cause problems with the kidneys, liver, and heart. Not only is proper dental care important for the short term, but for quality and longevity of life. We provide care for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Dental procedures may be recommended by our veterinarians. After a presurgical dental consultation and bloodwork we place your pet under anesthesia with constant monitoring, and perform a more thorough oral examination. We examine individual teeth for mobility, fractures, malocclusion and periodontal disease. We remove plaque and tartar using hand instruments and power scaling equipment. We give your pet’s teeth a thorough ultrasonic cleaning and polishing then apply a fluoride and plaque prevention gel.

We offer advanced treatments for existing oral conditions. Because periodontal disease can be both painful and preventable we offer full mouth digital radiology. To get the “whole picture” we recommend X-rays to view your dog or cat’s mouth from the roots to the tooth crowns of the teeth. Advanced treatment options are available when necessary. Dental extractions may be needed to prevent further stages of periodontal disease and pain for your pets.

It is important to watch your dog or cat at home for any concerns that can signal dental problems. These include:

  • Bad Breath
  • Excessive drooling or dropping food from the mouth
  • Loss of appetite or weight loss
  • Sudden disinterest in chew toys
  • Swollen or painful mouth
  • Pawing at mouth
  • Yellow, discolored, loose, or missing teeth
  • Bleeding gums or redness and swelling of gums

In addition to professional dental care it is recommended that you brush your companion's teeth regularly. We recommend brushing at least three times a week if not daily. Our experienced staff will be happy to demonstrate and give you advice on various dental health products you can use at home.