Additional Services

We want our animal companions to live their best lives and our human clients to have peace of mind when they choose us. What sets us apart from other practices? We treat your pets like family. You adore your pet. Why not partner with a clinic and staff that will love him or her just as much as you do? Additional services we provide include but are not limited to include:

  • Allergies & Dermatology (diagnostics and topical products)
  • Ophthalmic Exams and Tonometry
  • Microchip Placement (US and International)
  • International Health Certificates (overseas travel guidance)
  • Veterinary Specialty Products (leashes, odor eliminating candles, flea control premise sprays, pet soiling elimination products)
  • Training Aids (Gentle Leaders)
  • In-house Pharmacy (most medications available on-site and compounding formulations are available)
  • Veterinary Specialist Referrals (Veterinary Medical Center and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Parasite Prevention and Control